The Love That Split The World by Emily Henry Review



What can I say about The Love That Split The World that everyone else already hasn’t? How do I proclaim my love differently? Let me count the ways….

  1. I’ve never finished a book and felt like it hugged me before. In every sense of the word, this story hugged me. It gave me the warm and fuzzies, held me tight, and smelled like home. I don’t think I will ever be able to do this feeling justice, it’s indescribable. It’s amazing. It’s love.
  2. Natalie Cleary will rock your world. She hits top three favorite female protagonist status. She’s funny, smart, scared, brave, and most importantly real. She felt like my best friend by the end of the book, like one I’ve known for years and watched pee with the door open.
  3. Beau Wilkes, you gorgeous motha-trucka. You were everything and more, you feel like my first and last love. You felt like summer, and spoke like honey. God damn.

The above comments may never do my feelings justice, but I had to try. If for some insane reason you are still on the fence if whether or not you should give this book a shot, I’m here to insist you do. Go to the store, pick it up, kiss it, buy it, read it, love it. It’s that simple, really. I knew going into this book that everyone was loving it, and for good reason! Henry’s writing is so witty and so beautiful it hurts. Practically every element of her plot was specifically chosen to warm your soul.


The Setting:

Personally, I have only ever left my home of state of California once in my life. I want to adventure and travel the world SO BADLY. I’ve had a running list of places I want to visit since I was about thirteen. And after reading this book, Kentucky just shot right up to the top. All I have been able to think about since finishing TLTSTW last night has been Kentucky summers. Summers in NorCal are dry, and hot. The pictures that Henry painted in my mind were gorgeous. At certain points it was like I could feel the wind in my hair, or the crisp morning sun just starting to make little beads of sweat form on my hairline. I want to be driving down the highway and catch sight of some grazing buffalo, or feel that thrill of possibility that summer night brings. There is something about summer time in the South: it feels so utterly pure. Like for some reason drinking sweet tea or listening to the crickets chirp late at night just puts you one step closer to Mother Nature.

The Characters:

From what I gathered from reading the story and Henry’s acknowledgments at the end; Henry’s characters in the book were inspired by so many of her real life relationships. You can feel that while reading. It’s like every sentence or thought that Natalie has about certain people throughout the book is a thank you, or a love letter. Natalie herself is fantastic. She is so obviously flawed, but not broken. She loves with her whole heart and soul, and it makes her all the better. Beau is like every slow country song you’ve ever heard. He is gorgeous, and soft. He had my heart at fahn. Megan is the perfect counterpart to Natalie. Matt broke my heart so many times, I lost count. Coco and Jack were so believable, so supportive of each other. It was wonderful to see that kind of sibling dynamic. Rachel was harsh, but in the best way possible. Natalie’s Mom and Dad were amazing parents. It’s so rare that you read a YA book with a supportive family. Where the conflict doesn’t come from the home. Their entire family dynamic was so refreshing.

The Sci-fi/Magical Realism

I had a complete and utter mind blown feeling once everything was finally explained. I’m pretty sure I had to go back and read it a few times to make sure I really understood what was happening. It doesn’t all get explained until about twenty pages from the end. And up until that point I was like THERE IS NO WAY THIS WILL ALL GET WRAPPED UP AND MAKE SENSE but by God it did. And good golly Miss Molly was it good.

Why I Loved It So Much

Taking all the above reasons into consideration, I think I loved this story so much because it was the first time that I happy cried at the end. I have never been so moved by words in a positive way as I was while reading this book. It’s everything YA should be without the usual tropes. Even though, it has tropes! Any that you could potentially pick out are completely disqualified when you look at how they were done. Nothing was cheesy, or forced. This story was definitely not like the others. It personifies why people love Young Adult literature: adventure, self actualization, and there is love -in every way there is love. I have zero negative things to say about this book except for the fact that it made me run out of page flags. Nearly every five pages there was something I just HAD to highlight, or mark so I could find it again. My soul needed this book, and I didn’t even realize it did until I was reading. Everything began to patch up past holes, words were sewing up old snags. I woke up this morning feeling like the world loves me – and that’s a feeling I will never forget.


Normally, I try and tone down my level of fangirling, but I cannot stop with Emily Henry. Not only is her book one of kind (and now permanently etched into my heart) but she is one cool cat. If you’re not following her on Twitter you should be. I laugh out loud daily reading her tweets, she insanely kind, and so down to Earth her feet must be hitting the mantel core. I have – and will continue – to shamelessly proclaim my love for her. I don’t think the cosmos could have chosen a more worthy person to bless with such talent. I pray that one day I could write something as profoundly touching and passionate as The Love That Split The World. I thought there was no better book to give the title as “my-first-post-on-my-own-blog” to. Thank you so much Emily, my heart and soul will forever be in your debt.


Have you read TLTSTW? Do you follow Emily on twitter? Is Beau Tim Riggins incarnate?!? What did you think? Let me know down in the comments, or hunt me down on Twitter @nerddelizzie 🙂