Nerds Need Podcasts: Coffee with Chrachel

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Over the past month, I have been obsessively listening to podcasts. I’ve always loved them, but for some reason 2016 has been the Year of Podcasts for me. All I want is to hear strangers yammer on and on about anything and everything  while I drive, do my makeup, make dinner, stare at a wall. Currently, I’m in the middle of marathon listening to Chris and Rachel from Coffee With Chrachel. With over 56 episodes ranging from 60-90 minutes, it’s like audio crack. But, before I really get into proclaiming my love for two people I’ve never actually met, let me explain:

The Who

Chris Hubbard and Rachel Whitehurst are a twenty-something couple living in Seattle, Washington. Rachel runs a YouTube  channel, and Chris works as an IT guy for Amazon. They make an interesting pair, covering topics ranging everything from embarrassing middle school stories, politics, trash pop culture, and mental health. Their conversations are basically everything that you wish coffee meet ups with your friends could be. Having moved across the country to live out their lives, each episode is filled with stories of amateur hilarity and the type of genuine authenticity that I find myself craving in the media that I consume.

The what

Like I said before, in their episodes, Chris and Rachel cover a surprisingly vast array of topics. Rachel tends to steer the conversations wherever her mind wanders, and Chris is always along for the ride. They have flexible talking points throughout the episode, allowing for a natural progression from topic to topic. Because there is no obvious script, you get to hear some seriously hilarious dialogue between the two. Sometimes it’s stuttering, genuine laugh out loud reactions between the two on what’s said, or just Chrachel being Chrachel – I always find myself dying laughing at least once per episode.  Not only is this podcast real, funny, and really funny (see what I did there?), they cover some equally serious topics as well. Rachel created a #Byebiphobia campaign that she primarily speaks about on her YouTube channel. Discussing her coming out process/feelings, dealing with her new found self-actualization, therapy, and her daily motivation to give the world and its hate a giant Fuck You. She doesn’t go into great detail about her campaign each episode, but it is mentioned from time to time in the podcast. Chris often brings up what I like to consider “Reddit topics.” Basically, topics that avid Reddit users, i.e. young people who are 50% actively informed about the world and 50% too-smart-for-their-own-good internet trolls, go to discuss anything you could ever want to think of. These are also incredibly enjoyable to listen to, it brings forward the educated but still youthful approach to less talked about subjects in New Adult geared media.  I think what I like so much about them is that they are about as “informed” with the world as I am. I mean that in a very positive way – they are up to date in political happenings as well as pop culture. Presenting their opinions/ideas in a way that I personally find incredibly easy to follow. The rhetoric of their podcast is more than acceptable for the target age of listeners – what I have estimated at 18 y/o +. I can’t say it enough, these two are purely authentic. Making them ultimately relatable in every way.

The Why

If anything that I said above peaks your interest, I highly suggest you go check them out. It’s a fresh, authentic atmosphere filled with ridiculousness and sprinkled with some real life on top. Whether you are there because you need a laugh, enjoy the discussion, or just need some new coffee recommendations – Chris and Rachel are here to help. It is not often that I come across two people my age creating something so simple, yet so enjoyable. They are doing what every young person should ideally be doing – talking. Talking about anything and everything that needs to change, should change, or could change. They have created a platform for easy nuanced discussion; haters, Kanye, decaf, and trolls be damned.



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