2016 #LoveAThon, An Invitation to Tea..


My dearest reader, you are humbly invited to….

This afternoon over at Fleurs et Nerds, I shall be hosting a tea for three special guests. Those guests shall arrive no later than 4pm in their best afternoon tea attire – hats are option, grace is required. Upon their arrival, they will be greeted by a table of fresh flowers, the soft cadence of birds singing, and of course: tea, sweets, and savories.


The menu will feature sweets such as toasted chocolate hearts, made with love and a hint of British charm. As well as lemon scones with lavender creme, made with lavender from my garden. And grown under the purest of mother nature’s suns. Some savories shall include chicken parfait, cooked to perfection. And, smoked salmon souffle, made by the finest hands this side of the tea party.



The guests shall include:

Tahereh Mafi – for she is the classiest, most poetic talker around. Her books will forever hold a special place in my heart, and her writing may one day be etched onto my skin. It is for those reasons that she deserves a seat at my table.


Emily Henry – for she is the most beautiful, cunning debut author of the year. Her novel The Love That Split The Word bound my heart back together, it loved me, hugged me, and nursed me back to health in the best of ways. It is for the reason that she deserves a seat at this table


Hermione Granger – for she is the smartest, most brilliant witch of her age. For setting the standard of bad ass female heroines everywhere, and for always being one step ahead of the game. It is for those reasons that she deserves a seat at my table.


We shall talk and laugh about anything and everything, giving each other that special kind of support that only a group of amazing women can create in unexpected moments. Afternoon tea is the cure for everything, so, bring your lips and your thoughts, leave with love and a full stomach.



4 thoughts on “2016 #LoveAThon, An Invitation to Tea..

  1. Cee says:


    You have such a fantastic table of guests! You four would have such a rewarding discussion about all the fabulousness in the world!


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